mercredi 10 octobre 2007

I ganked this entire entry from StyleSlut because it's really funny and good.

Hip-hop inspired clothing labels normally fall into two different categories. Shitty vanity labels started by retarded rappers or retarded hip-hop heads that start labels by stealing ideas from Bathing Ape and what they can remember from a Jamel Shabazz book. IHMDJ (I Hate My Day Job) is a new label that doesn’t make you feel like sticking a knife in your eye while jumping off a reasonably high bridge. And chicks look pretty hot in their tees. So, we decided to interview Antoine, the guy that started that shit.

Donald Crunk: Hey bro. So like, why do you hate your day job?

Antoine: I don’t actually hate it. I’m a business consultant, which means people pay me to tell them what they probably already know using lots of big words and nonsensical diagrams.

DC: Oh, I see. If you did hate it, I would have said ‘Well, at least you’re not a prostitute. They’ve got to take dicks in the ass for a living’…

A: I was in Amsterdam in March and it gave me a new appreciation for the business of selling snatch. I think if you want to willingly exploit your body to make a living, then good for you.

DC: Ok, so you have a t-shirt that says 'Ill Nana'. How do you feel about women wearing t-shirts that basically say 'I Have a bomb ass pussy’?

A: I think the Ill Na Na tee is a lot more tactful than those pink sweatpants that say “hot mama” or “bad girl” across the ass. It’s subtle and only people that know the music and the time will really get it.

DC: Is God a woman?

A: I hope so, men are dumb. God is probably like an elephant or something.

DC: Imagine if God was a BLACK cool would that be?

A: Pretty damn cool, I think. It might be even cooler if she was that chick from

DC: That wouldn't be cool. I heard she’s got Herpies! What can we expect from IHMDJ in 2008?
A: We’re building a spaceship. It’s gonna be super limited and only available at Colette Paris. Other than that, just making quality products that I think are cool. The hype that drives streetwear kinda annoys me, I’m just gonna keep making stuff that I like. Hopefully you guys will like it, too.

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