mardi 13 novembre 2007

Sometime the bar...well, it eats you.

I was once at some boutique on North Fairfax in LA, and I passed up the loveliest purple satin blouse with an asymmetrical neck-tie by Corey Lynn Carter because it was "too expensive." I tried it on, fell in love, but turned away from it in a effort to be "reasonable" with my spending. Bah! The next day I pined for it, but resisted going back. That was 5 years ago. I've thought about that goddamn blouse a million times since. It should've been mine. It was mine.

I swore I wouldn't make that mistake again. So when I saw this jumper on a chick last weekend I had to know where she got it. Betsey Johnson. Of course! But so far my search has turned up nothing except one Japanese website that won't ship here. I'm dying for this little number. Any Betsey Girls know where I can snag one?

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