jeudi 20 décembre 2007

Xmas Wish List

1. Log Bowls from LOYAL LOOT, a Canadian art collective. These aren't for sale online, so you'll have to check the website for stockists in your area. Handmade and eco friendly.

2. Limited edition, hand screenprinted fabric cards by Melbourne based designer Lara Cameron's label KIRIN & CO. The shop is out of almost eveything right now, but hopefully they'll restock soon.

3. HAND JOB: A CATALOG OF TYPE is just one of the many design books I am lusting after on Metropolis says: "Of the 55 practitioners of hand-drawn typography represented here -- each given between two and six pages to show his or her stuff -- none creates work that is remotely ordinary."

4. A talking Japanese watch from FRED FLARE. Just totally fun.

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