vendredi 22 mai 2009

lost city

after we transcended space and time with dance moves (pterodactyl and these are powers), we dare to pass through a passway with a handwritten warning; "open this door and we will fucking kill you!," to find catacombs of homemade quarters, living and otherwise, down a dark hallway, past a tank-toped man offering us cocaine, through a door that looked like a window, to the top of a stairway with a locked hatch, back down and we go LEFT this time, through a black hole and suddenly on top of the world - williamsburg bridge and chrysler building, and what sits atop this rooptop metropolis all to ourselves? a POOL, a TRAMPOLINE, a HAMMOCK, and a VOLLYBALL NET. we made use of them all, and just before we escaped, footsteps trailing us, he took this picture:

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