vendredi 18 janvier 2013

aches and panes

>> "and a and be and not" folding screen by camilla richter

a folding screen, which while acting as a room partition, offers a range of visual possibilities as a result of its composition of panels which can easily be moved. the overall framework of the furniture object is assembled from hued rectangular-shaped sections which are transparent, the incidence of light continuously changing the environment in which it is positioned, emitting a subtle to dynamic kaleidoscope of color.

>> "solarium" by william lamson at storm king art center

Solarium functions as both an isolated hillside sanctuary and, as Lamson has put it, an "experimental greenhouse." Caramelized sugar is baked into the windows of Solarium, tinting each a unique amber shade. All plants create sugars through photosynthesis; those inside Solarium use light that has been filtered through sugars, a circular process. Weather permitting, Solarium is designed to be viewed from afar, where it appears as a jewel-like object, and from within, for the experience of its unusual plays of light.

>> color/forms by ivelisse jimenez & doreen mccarthy at cuchifritos gallery

This exhibition juxtaposes the work of two artists who are committed to abstraction, and particularly to its exploration in terms of the intersection of color, form, and medium. Working in fabric, plastic, vinyl, Plexiglas and other assorted materials, Ivelisse Jimenez and Doreen McCarthy both approach the solid forms of geometry, the patterning of abstraction and the simplicity of line in related ways.

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